Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Psychic 5

Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Psychic 5
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psychic5afas.jpg Hello and welcome to a new year of Arcade Flyer Art Saturday. After a year an a half of doing these I’ve opted for a shorter, more compact version of this feature. Often times it’s difficult to dig up solid information on a lot of these older obscure games and the real point of these things is to show of the amazing (good and bad ) artwork. So on to this week’s offering…

Psychic 5 was produced in 1987 by Jaleco. In the game you played one of five “Espers” on a mission to conquer two different enemies, Zara the witch and Satan himself! Players could do the normal jumping and running as well as hovering which would allow players to move horizontally through the air for a short period of time. It also had a complicated scoring system that rewarded players with bonuses for skillful gameplay as well as the regular scoring methods like destroying enemies, etc. The game was filled with tons of secrets and bonuses and although it was never what one would call popular, it did reach a certain cult status among a select group of gamers.

The art for this one falls in the same category as one of our former features, Kyros. A somewhat amateurishly rendered, obviously hand drawn image that looks like it was done by a bored high schooler in science class. You know, the kind of picture that would make the teacher send you to the principal and eventually the school psychologist. And why are we seeing that little girl’s panties? She’s just two peach coloured brush strokes away from having a bare ass. Something about that is even more disturbing than the Satan’s creepy googly eyes. Although I do love Satan’s sweet medallion that is branded with an “S” for Satan. Just in case, you know, someone mistakes Satan’s necklace for their own.

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