Are You Having A Crisis With Crysis Patch 1.1?

crysisalien.jpgThere’s a new post over at Crymod, developer Crytek’s official modding portal for its FPS Crysis, aimed at helping people who are having trouble getting the latest Crysis patch to work.

If you’re suffering post-patch issues, the site has a thread up with a bunch of workarounds to get things working. From what I can see, most problems can be attributed to an incorrect CD key or the use of cracks.

It seems a few less, uh, honest players may have to choose between increased performance (which was the whole point of the patch) or being able to play the game. Well, until the hackers get on the case…

Crysis Patch 1.1 – Known Issues & Workarounds! [Crymod]


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