Arkanoid Tee Specifically For Streetwear, Russian Bear Fans

mishka_arkanoid.jpgWhile I'm a casual fan of block-busting arcade games like Breakout and Arkanoid, I'm a much bigger fan of clothing label Mishka, maker of fine t-shirts. Fellow Kotaku Tower inhabitant Luke Plunkett has more than once suggested that I attempt to seek a sponsored endorsement deal from the company in an attempt to offset the outflow of cash that goes in the Brooklyn-based company's direction. So far, no dice. While the brand generally focuses on things like metal, horror movies and He-Man, it's first video game related tee goes for an Arkanoid vibe. Yes, that Vaus at the bottom, tackling the label's Bear Mop logo... which has exploded in a very un-Arkanoid fashion. For those carrying on to the Mishka web site, keep in mind that it can be NSFW at times, so browser beware.

Mishka Online Exclusives [Mishka NYC]


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