Australia & Others Will Miss Out On Battlefield Heroes

Australia & Others Will Miss Out On Battlefield Heroes

ea_logo_black.jpgIf you were looking forward to trying out DiCE’s Battlefield Heroes, the free-to-play game announced by EA earlier this week, think again. EA Australia has informed us that the game will not be available to audiences outside of the US and Europe.

Which, last time I checked the atlas, included Australia.

Considering the game will be downloadable, I’m not exactly sure how the publisher will enforce this, but I’m sure it’ll find a way.

EA was unable to explain why the game won’t be released outside the aforementioned territories, but the words “for the moment” were tossed around, so we may see the title eventually. Just not right now.

More news as we get it, but my guess is EA wants to trial the free-to-play model before throwing it out to the world at large.


  • The real reason is probably that they’re not sure about how much profit they’d be able to make off Australian gamers, and it costs money to submit a game for rating to the OFLC.

  • It’ll be because of the in game advertising model they’re using. You might remember the in game ads in a number of previous titles weren’t ever activated in the versions released here. I can’t remember the exact reason given. Because the ads are the primary revenue stream for the game, its not particularly surprising that they’ve decided not to release it here.

  • It’s probably because it’s ad supported. Remember how the laws here stopped BF2142 from having ads? If they can’t have ads then there’s ZERO reason to release it here.

  • EA looks like they are copying off the same
    as USA tv shows for free that arent
    viewable in non USA connections
    and the Ubisoft recent ‘free games’ that were
    ad driven that were released , hugely popular
    then changed so only people in the USA could
    register to download it .

    Also a few EA games titles had to be changed
    (BF2142 , NFS Carbon) to remove the IGA from it
    since its ILLEGAL in Australia .

    If they had to remove the IGA system from
    this and any other IGA free game then they
    wouldnt be earning any income from IGA
    and it would become a freeware game.

    Which if EA games actually released
    a free games as freeware it might increase
    sales of other software and make them look
    to be a better business . Since atm most older
    gamers know that EA games is un orignal , buys
    another games instead of coming up with new ideas
    by themselfs and ruin all series they release
    (eg NFS,BF,etc)

  • Thats too bad but I hope we outsiders eventually get access. There are lots of hardcore gamers outside of the EU and US who would love this title.

  • *claps*

    EA have done it again! They wonder why everyone hates them and doesn’t give a shit about piracy. When you deny people a FREE game you’re just stepping over the line.

    But honestly, they’re kidding themselves if they think people won’t find a way around this within 10 seconds. In the end they’re only hurting themselves.

  • EA again proving that their top five priorities are money, money, money, money and indeed money.

    Given this is supposed to be showcasing the ad based free to play service why not alienate a potentially large market with a ridiculously short sighted financial decision?

    I mean we all know that people will be happily playing versions of this days after launch (if not before), and the ones who aren’t willing or able to get into that scene will just move onto the next big release.

    If this gets released at a later date it’ll just become another back catalogue game picked up by the odd group of people.

  • @franz: Actually, what happened was a miscommunication between EA here and the US. When the story was posted, the information was coming straight from the publisher. The developer has since cleared this up.

  • Ive had it with EA’s attitude to Australia, I thought tide had changed with Warhammer online having an Australian server. Is it just me but i have had enough of EA and DICE, though i loved the bf series ;(

  • This post is now out of date as Battlefield Heroes is available to Australians, I just loaded $30 worth of Battlefunds to my account and it set the local currency to Australian Dollars so it’s all good for local gamers. Game Arena have a few local services running 🙂

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