Australia Will Get A Tasty Age of Conan Limited Edition

aoc_2.jpgAfter chasing up a concerned reader’s doubts regarding the Limited Edition of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and its release in Australia, I have good news. Two bits of good news actually.

Firstly, the Limited Edition will be released in Australia. So you can all start breathing again.

Secondly, the Limited Edition will be, for the most part, identical to the US Limited Edition, with a few changes. Before we do comparisons, here’s what Atari Australia says the LE is looking like at the moment:

– Age of Conan mini guide “The ultimate guide to the world’s most savage barbarian” (6″ x 7″)
– Map of Hyboria (16″ x 20″)
– Exclusive coin set (x3) produced by Dark Horse
– Bonus DVD
– Soundtrack
– Book of AoC art / concept art
– Leather bound manual
– Game
– In-game item – Ring: Gives the player increased XP points

Now, we do miss out on the Drinking Cape, but in its place we’ll be getting a coin set made by comic studio Dark Horse. A fair trade, if you ask me.

Thanks to Atari for helping us clear this up.


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