Australian 360 Sales Figures (Nintendo In Mirror Is Closer Than They Appear)

xboxbondi.jpg 2007 is gone. In the books. So companies are taking the time to reflect on the year that was. One of those is Microsoft Australia, who decided to send some 2007 (and lifetime) figures and info our way. While there was plenty of meaningless, wordy bullshit (ie no hard numbers, thanks GfK!), there's still a few cold, hard sales figures in there. Halo 3, for example, was the year's biggest-selling title, with 120,000 copies sold. In terms of lifetime data, two million 360 games have been sold in Australia since the console's launch, along with 520,000 accessories and 306,000 consoles (Microsoft declined to state how many of those were Elites and Cores).

That last number will be interesting for numbers and Nintendo fans, since last week Nintendo announced they'd sold 294,000 Wiis, despite launching in Australia nine months later than the 360.


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