Bach On The PS3, Profits, And Handheld Possibilities

Bach On The PS3, Profits,  And Handheld Possibilities
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bachxbachs.jpgThe Edmonton Journal caught up with Microsoft Entertainment and Devices president Robbie “Xbachs” Bach at CES this week to discuss the success of the Xbox 360. They revisit an interview from four years ago, when the original Xbox was trailing behind the PlayStation 2, where Bach promised that Microsoft would be ready for the next generation.

“Well! There you go, prophetic,” Bach said enthusiastically. “In fact it has been a role reversal. We were on first this time like they were last time, we had a product that was more price-competitive this time, and we had a higher attach rate.”

Of course we know the battle has just begun, but let Bach have his past tense for now, and perhaps we’ll revisit this post four years down the line to poke fun at it.

The article goes into a great deal of specifics as far as the profitability of his division within Microsoft versus the much more profitable software division, citing that Halo releases have been the only time the E&D group have actually posted profits, but Bach is keeping his eyes firmly on the long term.

Towards the end of the article, Edmonton Journal writer Steve Makris ponders the possibility of a Microsoft handheld gaming device sometime in the near future.

“We don’t talk about what we are doing, but generally when I look at the hand-held space, we haven’t seen anything there that says, ‘gosh, we wanna go make a big investment there.’ It’s a fairly tough area, a place where Sony and particularly Nintendo are doing a pretty good job.”

Mmhmm. That’s what everyone thought about the console market Robbie, and look at where the Xbox 360 is now. Come on, make a handheld. Everybody’s doing it.

Thinking inside the Xbox
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