Bad Taxi Drivers Totally Suck (And Should Quit)

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To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

I. Am. Blotto. Woke up at 4am. Today, I have been in four, yes four, different cities and ridden Korea’s high speed KTX train a total of six times and have interviewed something like five different people. My brain is so mush.

So I am staying at a posh hotel with a spectacular view of Seoul. It’s a really famous hotel and sits atop a giant mountain. You’d think that my taxi driver would know how to get from Seoul Station to my hotel. He drove around for almost an hour, asking random people for directions, called my hotel twice and got directions, drove up and down the mountain in circles, went through a tunnel (when everyone was telling him the hotel was on top of the mountain), took me to the Hilton (not my hotel!), before I got out of the cab without paying, flagged down another which got me to my hotel in 15 minutes flat. Is there anything worse than a bad cabbie? Srsly.

I should’ve gotten out sooner, but didn’t have the energy. Man, I am so tired that I feel like Father Time has kicked my face in. My ribs hurt, and it’s hard to breath. Tomorrow, I have another hellish schedule. But, I love it — going out, interviewing people, seeing cool stuff. Plus, I’m really enjoying Seoul — nice place, good vibe. Wish I had a moment to take in the city. Hopefully, I’ll have time tomorrow night. Tonight? Sleep, deep sleep, and tepid bottled water.

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