Barack "Wii" Obama, Hiilary "360" Clinton, and John "PS3" Edwards


Wagner James Au has an interesting write-up over on Gigaom comparing the three Democratic presidential front-runners to the three video game consoles. Here's his take on Barack Obama as the Nintendo Wii:

Barack Obama is the Nintendo Wii: The multi-racial candidate who was first dismissed by Washington insiders for not having enough power or third-party backers — but has gone on to draw immense popularity, not just from hardcore party faithful, but from the young and old, independents and Republicans alike. Instantly appealing like the Wii, Obama is popular not because of his library of policies, but because he is changing the way the game is played.

His write-ups for Edwards and Clinton are just as apt, but the fact he didn't manage to mention Red Ring of Death or constantly fluxing hardware line-up sort of takes away from the charm of the article.

Primary Game: Candidates as Consoles [Gigaom]


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