Baseball Star Retiring To Work On A (Wait For It) MMO

schilling.jpgVeteran baseball star Curt Schilling is nearing the end of his career. Unlike other baseball stars, however, he won't be retiring to a life of broadcasting, coaching and/or Senate steroid inquiries. No, he's going to retire at the end of next season to work on Copernicus, an MMO currently in development at Schilling's own 38 Studios. And he's not fucking around:

This is my life after baseball. After baseball, I will do nothing except be a father, husband, and run this company.

While Copernicus (a working title) will be occupying his time for the next few years, Schilling also stated he'd love to be "intimately involved in making a baseball game...I will be a part of a company doing a sports game". You can't say the man does not have a plan.
Star pitcher trading baseballs for video games [CNN][Image]


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