Best Buy Says PlayStation 3 80GB Is On Its Way Out

Best Buy Says PlayStation 3 80GB Is On Its Way Out
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ps3_80gb_rumor.jpgWe’ve received multiple tips from readers—ones who also happen to be Best Buy employees—who have informed us that the North American retailer hasn’t received stock of the PlayStation 3 80GB model for the many weeks and is expected to discontinue carrying the model soon. According to our sources, Best Buy stores have also been asked to pull advertising materials related to the 80GB model, currently the only version that features PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility.

Rumours of a 120GB model have been spread to retail employees, but this conflicts with reports from other Best Buy moles who say that internal communications indicate only one model—the 40GB barebones edition—will be stocked after January 28th.

PS3 Fanboy has visual evidence of the notice to employees about the 80GB discontinuation, further proof that backwards compatibility may soon be a thing of the past. We’ve been bugging Sony about the situation all day, but have yet to receive anything other than a paraphrased “hold tight” about the rumours.

Best Buy discontinuing 80GB PS3 [PS3 Fanboy]


  • Sony needs to stop making so many different revisions of the console. Keep one or 2 models (BC and no BC) until the revision is something more substantial than smaller/bigger HDD or more/less USB ports.

  • The PS3 80GB model appears to be widely available in the USA, but why are Sony not shipping any to Australia – PAL version seems non-existent.
    I have been waiting patiently for over 1 year to buy a backward compatible PS3 (i have over $1,000 worth of PS2 games!!).
    C’mon Sony support your Aussie customers who have supported you for a long time.
    I am really close to buying an XBox360 and starting over building up my games library.. giving my money to Bill Gates & Co..

  • It’s funny that this model is discontinued in the US as I have just been informed they are releasing a 80g PS3 for the australian market. I can confirm this as I manage a game store and mine are on the way. The release date is 28/08/08

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