BioShock Getting The Prequel Treatment?

bioshockprequel.jpgAh rumours, how I love you so. Especially when they make as much sense as this one does. Tom Ivan over at Next Generation's blog reports on rumours surrounding the next BioShock. According to what I can only imagine is wildly unfounded speculation, the next game will be a prequel that focuses on the initial fall of Rapture itself, giving players a glimpse at what the utopia looked like before it all fell to pieces and little girls were transformed into walking moral choices. Rumours also indicate that the development of the game will take place at the new 2K Marin studios, and that BioShock creator Ken Levine will not be involved in the project. While of course we take any unconfirmed rumours with a heaping helping of salt, it does sound like the perfect way to explore the BioShock universe without trying to build on the first game's lame endings.

BioShock Prequel in the Works?
[Next Generation Blog]


    This is a stupid idea, making a sequel to one of the best games ever made but not involving the original creators?

    Why? God, why? Did the original creators not do a good enough job, with Bioshock's consistent perfect 10's?

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