BioShock Is Just Robocop

robo_dickjones.jpgI just read the most amazing little write-up by Steve Hogarty over at PCZone. He theorises that BioShock is based upon RoboCop, a sort of archetypal allusion, breaking the argument down point by point. Interesting parallels include conflicts in programming, humanizing flashbacks, big daddies (remember those faceless ED-209's?), shameful period advertising and even the titles 'BioShock' and 'RoboCop' when broken down into syllabicate structures. The only element I see missing is the Little Sisters...yeah, my mind just can't fill in that gap with literary theory.

Hit up the link and give the piece a read, then let me know what you think. I, for one, recently DVR'd RoboCop and will be rewatching it in the near future while annoying my wife with "you SO should have played BioShock!" comments.

BioShock = RoboCop
[pczone]Thanks Steve!


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