Britain Beating the Bully Horse

nyouth320.jpg British publication has published an article warning parents about the dangers of a "new" violent video game called Bully. Wait, haven't we heard all this before? Yes, we have. We heard this same outcry when the original version of the game came out for the PS2 in the UK and Rockstar had to change the name to Canis Canem Edit. Well, it seems that with the re-release of the game in its Wii and 360 form, Rockstar is pulling no punches and changing the name back to Bully. This move has of course caused yet another burst of concern from parents and anti-bullying groups. Two UK chains, PC World and Currys, have already refused to carry the game and if the protesters have their way, more will follow. But, will they really be able to completely quash the sales of a game that has already gotten through the gates once before?

Video game glorifies bullying, say critics []


    Ya know the 'ol saying. "if you don't like it, don't watch it"

    in this case, dont play it, buy it ect.

    just more media having a knee jerk reaction to something...
    f*cking soccer mums

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