Bullshots Ain't Airburshing Models, Hamburgers

airbrushedfaithhill.jpg By now, we should be smart. See good looking screenshots, be suspicious. Dubbed "bullshots," these doctored images show gamers what the title should look like. The end result might be a different story altogether. GamePro.com has a nice piece up on this game industry practice, which could be considered false advertising. Freelance game writer Troy Goodfellow sums up bullshots best:

Doctoring game images is different from airbrushing a supermodel, lacquering a Thanksgiving turkey, or falsifying a four-inch tall Big Mac. With video games, the screenshot or video is part of what you are buying. When you see a photoshopped model, you aren't in the market for a model. And the proof of a burger is in its taste.

Appearances are so important in gaming. So important that developers and publishers are willing to deceive consumers. But, do people still buy games based on screenshots?
Bullshot [GamePro.com][Pic]


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