Bully: Scholarship Edition Details

bullysjimmy.jpg Although there is some confusion as to the release date (Gamestop says March 3, IGN says March 11, Rockstar says there is no firm date yet) some details on the new version of Bully are starting to surface. It looks like there will be added content and (for the 360 version) achievements. New content includes four new classes (Biology, Music, Math and Geography), eight new missions, new items, more wardrobe choices, two-player minigames (offline) and new awards. I'm glad to see Rockstar making an effort to improve and add on their already great game unlike some publishers who seem to be happy re-releasing the same games a year or two later on another system with no extras. I'm not going to mention any names, but you know who you are. By the way, Rockstar, I'm still pulling for that boy kissing achievement.

Bully's Scholarly Additions [IGN]


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