Burnout 3 Hits Xbox Originals Next Week

burnout3.jpgDespite featuring in much of the service's pre-launch media, Burnout 3 isn't currently available as part of Microsoft's Xbox Originals range. Will be soon, though. They've announced it'll be launching on January 14, and will be available everywhere except Japan for the not-insubstantial sum of 1200 Microsoft Points. Which would be great news, if...well, if we weren't so busy waiting for Burnout 2 and it's superior crash mode.
Burnout 3 is coming to Xbox Originals [Microsoft]


    Crash mode aside, Burnout 3 is a far superior game to Burnout 2. I can't wait to play this again. I remember putting over 50hrs into this game the first week I had it. Manged to get gold medals in every event and 100% completion.

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