Buzz! Target Of Lawsuit That Seeks Its Ultimate Destruction

judge.jpgBuzztime Entertainment are suing Sony over their Buzz! series of trivia games. They don't like the PS2 series' name, and they don't like the PS2 series' tagline "It's time to get buzzing", either. As a company that makes trivia games - which use multi-colored controllers - for pubs and restaurants (as well as home versions), they feel that Buzz!'s use of multi-colored controllers in a trivia game for home consoles is cutting it a little fine to their own turf. So they not only want legal fees and damages, they want the US Patent and Trademark Office to not register pending US trademarks for the series, and want all copies currently on the market recalled. Recalled and destroyed. Best of luck with that!
Sony Buzz-ed with trademark suit [GameSpot]


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