Can Games Companies Learn From Apple?

Can Games Companies Learn From Apple?
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appleothers.jpgWell, should they? It’s a question GameDaily are asking: Apple’s making big bucks from stylish, intuitive devices and software, so why don’t games companies get with the carbon-copying in a bid to increase sales? Examples: Microsoft and Nintendo’s reliance on abstract points for their online stores is confusing, while Apple use real money. Microsoft allow publishers to set their own prices for online content, while iTunes has hard limits. The 360’s blades are difficult for a novice to navigate, while an iPods’ menu is not. The 360 and PS3 are hardly triumphs of design, while Apple products are usually gorgeous, etc etc etc. What do you think? Should gaming companies be learning (and we suspect Nintendo have been quietly doing so for years now) from Apple’s success?
What Game Companies Can Learn from Apple [GameDaily]


  • although the industries are very different, with the games industry thriving off hype for years before a new hardware release – while I often despise, they certainly run a tight ship, the very day they announce movie downloads on iTunes, you get a request for a software update. And mere weeks after announcing new hardware it’s on the shelves.

    Apple and Nintendo are both trying to make technology easy to use, Apple just isn’t concerned about making it affordable.

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