Capcom Fibbing About Devil May Cry 4 Price Discrepancy? [UPDATED]

dmcprice.jpg So Capcom say that retailers are to blame for the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 being more expensive than the 360 one, eh? Might be bullshit. While reading local Aussie blog Screen Play this morning, I happened upon a post about prices on Capcom's release schedule. So I went and checked my own Capcom release schedule (posted above) and hey, whaddya know, the recommended retail price for the PS3 version - suggested by Capcom, the publisher - is $10 more than the 360 one (please keep Australian dollar jokes to a minimum). An explanation is breathlessly anticipated.

UPDATE: Capcom have gotten back to us, saying only "We are a wholesale price company. The retailers set their own prices". Which they are: EB Games Australia's listing for the title contains the same discrepancy: $110 for the PS3 version, $100 for the 360. What retailer's going to ignore a suggestion to milk PS3 owners for an extra $10?


    What's so special about this? Nearly every PS3 game is $20 (sometimes $30) more than the 360 version, and at the very least $10. It's ridiculous and it sucks - the 360 prices are ALREADY twice what's fair - but it's nothing new.

    I'm curious as to whether the distributor has a say in the prices of the games ... since all capcom games are distributed in Australia by Activision.

    Pissed as this makes me the game is too good to pass on and i dont want it on my 360

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