Chinese MMO of the Weekend: ELF Online

Chinese MMO of the Weekend: ELF Online
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elfonline.png Oh, how I wish I had seen the original press release for Happy MMO’s ELF Online. The sketchy translation both in-game and on their website leads me to believe the press release must have been a true gem. It’s clearly a game that’s not taking itself too seriously (running into a “wet nurse for newbie”? A “baby mode”?), and Jeff Freeman has a funny look at gameplay and environment in ELF Online. Considering the number of free to play Chinese MMOs that take themselves way too seriously, it’s almost refreshing (though perhaps hiring some starving ex-pat to provide translation services wouldn’t be such a bad idea):

All the quests that I completed were all of the kill 5 of this, kill 10 of that, collect 4 of these by killing 4 or more of those sorts, excluding quests sending me from one NPC to another. Stock MMO quests.

One other quest some might consider an exception, was the become-a-soldier-quest itself, after killing 7 of something, being required to swear that my little guy would fight to the death for the Imaginary Goddess.

But most people wouldn’t consider that an exception, and would instead say, “What now? I didn’t really read it.” Stock MMO players.

One of my wishes for 2008? That gems like this and Shanda press releases continuing flowing freely from China.

How I Spent My Vacation: Elfing [via Worlds In Motion]

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