Circuit City Video Game Clearance Sale

gamezcc.jpg In the post holiday dust settling, a lot of the stores are trying to get rid of there overstock by having some great sales and today its Circuit City's turn. They have a number of titles (40) across all systems on sale for a paltry $US 8.96 each and an additional 30 titles at $US 16.96. Here are some of the highlights:

PS3: Icon, NBA Street Homecourt, College Hoops 2007 PS2: Godhand, Lumines Plus, Onimusha Dawn of Dreams PSP: Parappa the Rapper, Street Fighter 3 Alpha, Guity Gear Judgment 360: Condemned, Quake 4, Project Sylpheed, Meet The Robinsons, Xbox: Jade Empire LE, Grand Theft Auto Double Pack Wii: Avatar: The Last Airbender GC: Hulk Ultimate Destruction DS: Elite Beat Agents, Mario & Luigi Partners in Time, Children of Mana, Phoenix Wright 1 GBA: Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Wario Twisted

Of course, titles will vary by location so you might have to do some digging to turn up something really good, but then that's half the fun with sales like these. You should also be aware that there is a limit of three titles per customer, so bring a non-gamer friend with you if you plan on going on a spree. To get all the info on this and other sales happening this weekend, check out CheapAssGamer.

Best of the Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (1/6 - 1/12) [CheapAssGamer] [via GayGamer]


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