City of Hereos Devs Rumoured To Take Over Star Trek Online

star_trek_online_cryptic.jpgThe troubled development history of Star Trek Online may have gotten a shot in the arm, now that the MMO is rumoured to be in development at Cryptic Studios. While rumored cancellation of Marvel Universe Online isn't exactly the best (still unconfirmed) news for the developer, having someone work on Star Trek Online is better than no one. w00t Studios says it has anonymous sources pointing to the new home of STO, who recently sold off rights to City of Heroes to owner NCsoft, who in turn created a new subsidiary with Cryptic staffers at its core. Frankly, I'm starting the whole swirling of intellectual properties and people a bit dizzying. Someone replicate me a hypospray.

RED ALERT! CAPTAIN EMMERT TO THE BRIDGE! [w00tStudios - thanks, Mike!]


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