Club Nintendo Zelda Statue Is A False Idol

goldlink.jpg Club Nintendo UK? Rubbish, aren't they? Sure, their setup's not as good as Japan's. And sure, they may require your blood, sweat and tears to accompany your Star Points before they send you anything decent. But when they do send something. Well. Sometimes it's just magnificent. Like this 13" gold (not real gold) Link & Epona statue Kotakuite Dan just earned himself. The cost? A terrible one:

It cost 15,000 stars, which probably took me about 4-5 years of saving (you used to get 5 stars for a daily visit and I had amassed about 4000 stars this way, the rest was from game registrations at 250 a pop).

That there is what I call dedication.


    i enjoy it that very good! it like call of champions

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