COD4 Divests Halo 3 Of Xbox Live Crown

cod4halo3.jpgYesterday's weekly posting of Xbox Live statistics on Larry Hryb's website contained a sweet surprise for fans of Infinity Ward's modern take on the FPS war game, as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare finally broke Master Chief's reign as the most-played game on Xbox Live. For months COD4 has been trailing Halo 3 on the chart, to the point where we didn't even have to read the statistics to know what we'd find in those top two slots. Congratulations to Infinity Ward and Activision for literally beating Microsoft at their own game - for this week at least. And don't worry about MC. Halo 2 still remains firmly atop the list of most-played original Xbox titles, and I don't see Battlefield 2: Modern Combat making a push anytime soon.

LIVE Activity for week of 1/14 [Xbox Live's Major Nelson - Thanks WhiskeyJak!]


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