CompUSA Reanimated


TigerDirect yesterday announced that they will be snatching up CompUSA instead of letting the PC store go out to pasture. The agreement, which will be closed throughout the first quarter of this year, includes the purchasing of the brand, trademarks, e-commerce business and some of the actual stores.

"We believe the value of the CompUSA brand remains very high. The company has a long legacy of value pricing, service and customer loyalty among consumers nationwide," said Systemax CEO Richard Leeds in a statement. "We view this acquisition as a strong complementary business to our TigerDirect operation."

Man, I wonder if they're going to cancel some of the gi-normous store closing sales going on right now? I was just over at my local CompUSA yesterday and picked up a couple of things, including a new keyboard. All of their games were 15 percent off.

Back from the dead: CompUSA assets snapped up by TigerDirect [CompUSA]


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