Conservative Site Thinks Mass Effect’s Got Porn In It

Conservative Site Thinks Mass Effect’s Got Porn In It
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Prior to today, I’d never heard of the conservative news site, The Cybercast News Service. What follows may be a reason why. Seems the CNS are taking objection with Mass Effect’s sexual content. Or, at least, the sexual content they think is in Mass Effect, but really isn’t (Rule: No sack, crack, lady nipples or dangly bits = totally kosher). There’s too many entertaining quotes for us to highlight them all, so we’re just going to post the best one. It’s from Cathy Ruse, a lawyer and senior fellow for legal studies at the Family Research Council:

There are cultural implications for feeding porn to kids in this way,” and “when you do this, you’re teaching them a distorted lesson about human sexuality and human dignity. These are lessons that they will take with them into adulthood and ultimately society.

Lady, the only lesson you learn from pursuing a romance in Mass Effect is that it isn’t worth the effort.
Sex in Video Game Makes Waves Through Industry [CNS, via GamePolitics]

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