Cooking Mama Huge Success For Taito

cookingsucess.jpgJust how important is the quirky little DS and Wii game Cooking Mama to Japanese developer Taito? Speaking to Gamasutra, Taito's U.S. representative Keiji Fujita revealed that only one game in the company's stable has managed to surpass the success of the little cooking sim that could, that game being the Japanese-only title Densha De Go (Let's Go By Train). In an interview posted on the website today, Fujita discusses the wild success of the franchise, which has now sold over 2 million copies around the world, as well as the future of Mama and her friends - including the possibility of an arcade version of the game somewhere down the line.

"Taito has the skill and the quality of arcade machines, so they could develop an arcade version of Cooking Mama. A virtual knife and cooking board or something..."

Check out the full interview below for more on Cooking Mama, Exit for the DS, and the 30th anniversary of Taito's classic, Space Invaders.

Revitalizing The Legacy: An Interview With Taito's Keiji Fujita [Gamasutra]


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