Corinex High-Speed Wireless Network For Gamers


Corinex has decided it feels bad for all you console users without a wireless network in your home. So, to alleviate the pain and limitations that come with a wired network, Corinex has come out with GameNet, a wireless, two-part networking solution to connect all of your consoles to the Internet. Here's the deal: connect one part to your broadband modem, and plug it into the wall. Then plug the wireless adapter into any console with an Ethernet port. And according to Corinex, with that two-minute process, you now have a connection to the Internet that's better than wireless, at 200Mb/s. If that really does sound like the perfect solution for you, a wire-free (er, reduced) and speedier world can be yours for $US 169.99.

Gamers Get Leg-up on Opponents With Corinex's GameNet[CES Press Office]


    You can get dlink ones in australia for 110 AUD or cheaper

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