Could You Handle Shaky, Cloverfield-Style Gaming?

12771-500-375-2.jpgSeeing Cloverfield last weekend really piqued my interest. I was more impressed by the film than I'd expected to be, finding the documentary-style handheld shooting to be far more intrinsic to the narrative experience than some mere Blair Witch clone. And it got me thinking, while games like Gears of War have already experimented with shakier camera systems, could we stand a full handheld onslaught throughout 10-12 hours of gaming?

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Btw, I keep jabbing after the jump...

Maybe the Blair Witch games missed out. Because the mechanic could be interesting—a fixed (be it wobbly) camera system following a first or third person game could be a fun, novel way to limit a player's perception (because, face it, even when we're forced into a perspective we're generally still actually seeing more than most real-life scenarios). Of course this"fun factor" point is arguable, but let's move forward for the sake of the topic.

Could you stand the experience? Does watching a film like Cloverfield or Blair Witch make you seasick? And do you think that being in a virtual video game would exacerbate the effect, or minimise such issues? Because I have a nagging suspicion that those reports of people puking in theaters are written by an older generation of reporters who haven't been accustomed to games like UT3, or even shows you see on MTV.

And if you answer those questions, then sure, you can feel free to rip the mechanic to shreds.


    As long as it's not anything like Half-Life 2 Ep 2. That was horrible on my eyes >_

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