Crysis Missing An Entire Act?

crysis5.jpgGames have content cut from them all the time, usually due to time constraints. If you're willing to spend a few hours digging around in any game's data files, you're likely to find bits and pieces of features, creatures, items or other miscellany that couldn't be implemented before release.

Crytek's FPS Crysis is no exception. In fact, it seems the developer left quite a lot more than just a half-finished rifle or textureless tree.

Tipster Brendan sends word that the folks over at inCrysis forums have discovered what looks like some unused levels in the shooter's resource files. From the post:

I've found something really interesting in Crysis' resources. In Demo, open Data/Gamedata.pak with Rar. Then open folder Libs/GameTokens. You'll find the following files Act1_M01_Island Act1_M02_Village Act1_M03_Rescue Act1_M04_Harbor Act1_M05_Tank Act1_M06_Mine Act2_M01_Armada Act2_M02_Camera Act2_M03_Airfield Act2_M04_Capture Act2_M05_Fleet Act3_M01_Crater Act3_M02_Storage Act3_M03_Maintenance Act3_M04_Operations and also - Ascension (which was added really late to the game) It seems that Act 3 was completely removed from the game?

If you look closely - well okay, not that closely - you'll notice an entire third act that wasn't present in the original game.

Is it content waiting to be used in an expansion, or even a sequel? We'll just have to wait and see, though I think the hackers might beat Crytek to the punch.

Original Crysis' 3-act structure discovered [inCrysis, thanks Brendan]


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