Crystal Dynamics Dev Praises PSN

crystalgek.jpgCrystal Dynamics may have recently released the full version of Tomb Raider Anniversary onto the Xbox Live Marketplace, but as far as Anniversary's lead designer Riley Cooper is concerned the PlayStation Network is where the future of digitally downloadable lies.

"I'm very, very interested in digital distribution and the potential it has," said Cooper, speaking during GDC Lyon last month. "PlayStation Network is extremely interesting because it's a more flexible space."

Cooper explains that the slow process of opening the constraints of Xbox Live by Microsoft makes the PSN, with games like Warhawk already available for full download, that much more attractive. He, like many of us, pictures a future where console games previously available only on retail shelves are readily downloadable by all, and GameStop employees fall into despair as the only customers they retain are internet-ignorant yokels who just come down the mountains for a little fun.

Tomb Raider Anniversary developer eyes PlayStation Network []


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