Devil May Crime Anime U.S. Release Likely Cancelled

devil_may_cry_anime.jpgThe North American release of the Devil May Cry anime series may have been cancelled by publisher ADV Films, according to a recent report from ICv2. The report, which indicates a broad number of domestic cancellations on ADV's part, including the Devil May Cry series, has since been pulled from the site, but is still available via Google Cache. Despite being announced in December for a February 5 release, absolutely no references to Devil May Cry currently exist on ADV Films' web site. These references, however, are also still available as cached pages.

We contacted both Capcom and ADV Films to learn more.

Capcom reps told us that while they can't speak for ADV Films' release schedule, a cancellation of the DVD release of the series would not affect the Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition. It comes with the first disc of the DVD release, containing 4 episodes of the cartoon, which may now be the only option for those looking for an English language release.

We have yet to hear back from ADV reps. Word from ADV to retailers listed some 37 titles as "on indefinite hiatus, effective immediately" but the title is still listed as shipping on February 5 at retailers like Amazon and CD Universe.

We'll update if we hear more details.

Thanks to... um, Bonertown for the heads up.


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