Devil May Cry 4 Different Versions? Can't Tell!

DMC4_19_360.png When the multi-platform games first came out, there was a difference. In some cases, take Madden 08, the PS3 version didn't look so hot. It was evident that the PS3 version was an afterthought and that developers hadn't quite come to grips with the hardware differences. Games like Call of Duty 4 and the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 show that the gap is closing. It's getting harder to differentiate between the different versions, making the games truly multi-plat. This in line with what Capcom's been saying: That there will be no major graphical differences between the two versions. Above is the Xbox 360 one, so hit the jump for the PS3 one. We can't really tell them apart!

DMC4_19_ps3.png It is very difficult to separate them — which should please gamers on both side of the console fence. Japanese game site Iroinaki Coin Ikko Ireru did the comparison. If you click through the pics on the site, be aware that some of the PS3 version is blurry in a few pics due to the difficulty of capturing at 60 frames per second on the PS3.
DMC 4 Comparison [Iroinaki Coin Ikko Ireru]


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