Dissidia: Final Fantasy Confirmed Cast So Far

dissidia.jpgAdam Laatz over at Wired's Game|Life blog attended Jump Festa 2008 late last month, and returned with impressions on Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Square Enix's Final Fantasy fighting free-for-all featuring fan-favorites from all titles in the FF franchise for the PSP. Along with extended impressions (better than Ergheiz, which isn't really saying much), Adam also brought back a short list of characters confirmed for the game, including:

The Warrior of Light, Garland (FFI)
Firion, Emperor Palamecia (FFII)
Sephiroth (FFVII)
Squall, Ultimecia (FFVIII)
Zidane, Kuja (FFIX)
Tidus (FFX)

And of course you know Cloud is going to show up in that list as well before all is said and done, because Sephiroth without Cloud makes for some depressingly unsexy yaoi fan art. I'd say the inclusion of Vivi would make this a definite purchase for me, but I am a long-time, die-hard FF fan and would still line-up sheep-like on launch day if the game box had a 1-in-5 chance of exploding upon opening.

Hands-On With Dissidia Final Fantasy [Game|Life via Destructoid]


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