“Do Gamers Read?”

“Do Gamers Read?”
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badreporter.jpg Once again, further proof that mainstream press shouldn’t let just anyone cover games! National Public Radio’s Chana Joffe-Walt has an interview with Halo: Contact Harvest author Joseph Staten. The book was a New York Times best seller, but Joffe-Walt couldn’t care less. Not only is she ignorant about gaming, she’s brings her own ill-informed predujices to the the interview. There are exchanges like this:

Joffe-Walt: “Yes, my fellow non-gaming Luddities, there is a story to Halo. I know, I thought the same thing. Isn’t gaming all just shoot’em up? Why do you need story?”
Staten: “I think to understand why stories are important in games, you need to actually play them.”

But wait, there’s more! That, after the jump.

Joffe-Walt: “Which brings me to another frank and ridiculous question, ‘Do gamers read?'”
(Keep in mind, she’s asking a NY Times best selling author this.)

And lastly…

Staten: “You’re dealing with an internet connection, high savvy audience.”
Joffe-Walt: “Geeks, you’re dealing with geeks.”

And we’re dealing with a hack journo. We’re not asking you to be an expert, just respectful.
Listen Here [NPR via Joystiq via Go Nintendo]


  • “Im talking about real literature”

    Definition of real literature, is subjective. I read a lot of Stephen King, Clive Barker, I’ve read some of Richard Bransons motivational stuff, a lot of management and parental books. I’ve read some of war and peace and been bored to tears by it, I read Oliver Twist and loved it. Inherit the Wind I thought was a wonderful read as was To Kill A Mockingbird… it just all depends.

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