Dojo Dump: Return Of The Dojo

olimar_pikmin.jpgAfter an insufferable business week that saw the release of zero new information bit about Super Smash Bros. Brawl due to holiday, the Smash Bros Dojo and our weekly wrap up on the matter have returned. The Dojo's return was met with a surprising new addition to the roster of brawlers, space adventurer Olimar of Pikmin fame, who will pluck his partners out of the ground to use as weapons in the heat of battle. We also get a look at Snake's Final Smash, which seems to be the most unique we've seen so far.

Enough chitchat! We've been without for a whole Friday, so on with the Dojo Dump!

Monday: Melee Stages get an update, with details on Yoshi's Island, Brinstar from Metroid, Corneria from Starfox and even more.
Tuesday: The Dojo details Stadium Multi-Man Brawl featuring the Fighting Alloy Team and co-op play. There's even Wi-Fi Connection support!
Wednesday: New characters! Pikmin and Olimar join the fray. The Pikmin World Map remix provides a nice soundtrack while reading this news.
Thursday: Snake's Final Smash involves a rope ladder, a helicopter and a grenade launcher. This is the one hidden character I'm looking forward to most.
Friday: Pikmin and Olimar's special moves are profiled, explaining how Olimar with rely on Pikmin plucking for just about everything.


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