Dojo Dump Surprise: Smash Bros. Adds Virtual Console Demos

dojo_dump_012508.jpgIt would appear that the Smash Bros. Dojo still has a few secrets squirreled away. With the Japanese release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl just days away, we weren't expecting something on the level of Masterpieces to squeak out. Masterpieces, you see, gives Wii gamers the opportunity to play demo versions of classic NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 games, Virtual Console titles that just so happen to feature characters from the Brawl roster. Project lead Masahiro Sakurai hints that even more titles are buried within, a very cool feature.

The rest of the week features some nice little surprises, from details on well-known fighters, to newish Pokémon, to brand new stages. If you aren't caught up on your Super Smash Bros. Brawl news, we suggest you spend a few minutes with this week's Dojo Dump.

Monday: Zelda's Final Smash is a light arrow. Seems painful. Not as painful as having hearts blasted at your ass, but we're still wincing.
Tuesday: Manaphythe precious Pokémon with a switcheroo power should mix things up.
Wednesday: I love the Mushroomy Kingdom. You should, too. If you're not feeling it, maybe the Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme remix will get you in the mood.
Thursday: Want to watch someone else play Brawl? Test Battle: Tokyo vs. Kyoto is all the envious video you need.
Friday: We already discussed Masterpieces up top. Not a bad way to sell more VC releases, Nintendo.


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