Don King's Sweaty Half-Naked Men

donkingprize.jpgWhile 2K Sport's stab at the boxing genre, Don King Presents: Prizefighter, may boast a robust story mode that takes you out of the ring to experience all aspects of the sport, at its core boxing is about one thing: Sweaty, half-naked men beating the hell out of each other. They've just released the first few screens of the game, and I'm not sure they are going in the right direction here.

Granted, my only up-close and personal knowledge of half-naked, sweaty men is myself, but something seems off here. Where's the realism? Not one of the featured fighters is covered head to toe in body hair, and what's with those lumps all over their bodies where their life-affirming fat should be? Come on guys, you can do better than this. I was going to post a pic for comparison, but my camera seems to have spontaneously exploded as the result of a thousand voices simultaneously screaming, "No!" Huh.

Where are his man boobs?Not the face!Don King - The Man, The Hair


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