Don't Blame Uwe, Blame Games

hitchcock.jpg German filmmaker Uwe Boll speaks his mind, says what he wants. Good for him. (Too bad he can't make decent movies.) When discussing the tripe he makes, Uwe pointed out:

A lot of video games have no story. I did the movie House of the Dead and got bashed and I said, what were you expecting, Schindler's List? I showed zombies chasing people and this is basically what the movie delivers. I don't know what they were expecting if you make a movie based on an ego shooter where you kill ninety minutes of people non-stop.

This reminds me of something Alfred Hitchcock once said about adapting books: It's easier to make a bad book into a good movie than it is to make a good book into a good movie. (Or something to the effect.) Well, that was books and Alfred Hitchcock. This is, well, Uwe Boll. Regarding those online who don't like his work, Uwe states, "They don't have their own life and they're still sitting at Mommy's table every lunch." Man, that Uwe is so punk.
Games Have No Story [CVG via Sega Nerds]


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