Don't Forget To Download Undertow

sadpup.jpgThis is just a friendly reminder to Xbox LIVE subscribers that Undertow is free until Sunday. Microsoft is apologising for the issues with their online service via this free XBLA download. And if you miss it, well, it's the equivalent to completely forgetting to water those roses that Crecente got his wife after that time she came home early and found him walking around in her high heels. In other words, if you want a proper apology, you've got to get when the getting's good. And for those who already own Undertow, we'd recommend you cash in on those 800 free points this week as well.


    My X360 is with Microsoft being fixed right now thanks to RROD

    so not only do i have to put up with crap xbl, just because they broke my system and have poor QA, i miss this game to

    My PS3 looks better and better all the time.

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