Dragonball Movie’s Bulma On Gaming, Bunnies

Dragonball Movie’s Bulma On Gaming, Bunnies
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emilyrossum.jpg22 year-old Emmy Rossum isn’t just the adorable actress picked to play Bulma in the Dragon ball movie. She’s also a bit of a gamer, and a blogger. Ooo, and she loves Wal-Mart! We have so much in common! While I get busy writing Mike+Emmy with little hearts all over my spiral notebook, take a look at an excerpt from her latest blog from the set in Durango, Mexico

. I’ve never been much of a video gamer, but I like the adventure games and the shooting games might help my hand/eye coordination for the gun sequences in the film. I picked up a few games not really knowing what I was buying and when I started playing one I realized I had picked up “Stranglehold” starring Chow Yun Fat! Based on the John Woo movie “Hard Boiled,” the graphics are incredible, he jumps, flies and shoots in slow-mo, very John Woo, very cool. I feel a little shy to tell him I’m playing him on a video game, to tell him how cool it is!

Pretty nice random purchase if you ask me, considering one of her co-stars in the Dragonball film is Chow Yun Fat himself, who steps into the role of Master Roshi, the dirty old beach bum who just happens to be stronger than almost anyone on the planet.

As for the rest of Miss Rossum’s blog? I suppose you could read through it if you wanted to – I mean it’s not like you’re doing anything important right now anyway. Aside from a few nifty insights into the making of the movie, this is pretty much what you’ve got to look forward to:

I suppose I should mention I had a pet rabbit for a week when I was 6. I was the lucky one (when my name was chosen out of the hat) in school to take the class pet rabbit home for a week. Mom was not too thrilled to have “Peter Rabbit” running around our apartment. Even I will admit Peter was pretty messy, but I really loved little Peter Rabbit, and I named him after the great children’s book written by Beatrix Potter. Did you read that book growing up? It was one of my favorites.

OMG! Me too! This is so weird! You guys go check out her blog, I am going to write her a lengthy email about how awesome bunnies are.

Beans, beans and beans…. [Emily Rossum’s MySpace Blog via VH1 Game Break]

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