Drudge Report Attacks Presidential Flash Game

Drudge Report Attacks Presidential Flash Game
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The Drudge Report this morning, too busy apparently reporting on the bird flu fears of India and Hackabee’s cash flow problems to do any digging, threw up a headline this morning on their site decrying the Presidential Paintball flash game we posted yesterday.

The headline: Online shooting game lets kids target presidential candidates… doesn’t really paint a accurate picture of the cartoony paintball game most likely created more for readers of the Drudge Report than for the Dora set.

The link jumps you to The Smoking Gun’s write up of the miniclip flash game which describes it as a highly trafficked game that “allows kids to train a rifle scope on six presidential aspirants and squeeze off a hail of shots.” I guess it’s important to say it’s a game for kids, because, you know, adults don’t play political flash games. I guess kids are the ones playing the game being created for the New York Times too.

The Drudge Report


  • If you check out many flash games today, they are trying to push agenda’s. Not all of them, but I just saw 10 games devoted to bashing Bush, 1 bashing people who want the US to drill for more oil, and one that stereotypes McDonald’s fast-food buyers.

    It’s really sad that people try to indoctrinate others through such a smart source. They can be credited with using a great source to teach teens and older their ways through these popular games.

    What happened to the good old days of playing a great online flash game and not being forced to do actions that are obviously part of an agenda?

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