DS Concept Is Pure Fanboy Porn

medium_2159076788_1e7c0f4191_o.jpgThis DS concept by 3D modeler Phil Nolan is absolutely in no way real, but I'm a bit in love nonetheless. Like two iPhones in the thralls of erotic embrace and spread wide enough for Larry Flynt, their lovechild is a gorgeous, two-tone DS that's not technically inconceivable for Nintendo to release next.

And I really do like the idea of a 16x9 screen on top (even if this image might not hit that scale perfectly, I can't tell). So what if games couldn't take advantage of the screen real estate, since movies and TV shows would look great. What do you think? Hot or not? Hit the jump for another shot.</p>

3d-nintendo-ds2-front.jpgThat chrome DS symbol really seals the deal for me. Yes, I too can't believe that I just typed that last sentence.

Nintendo DS 2: the 3D Mock-Up Makes Us Drool Alien-Style


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