Dungeon Siege Movie Tanks, None Surprised

rayliottawhatthefuck.jpg Hey, the latest box office figures are in! Would you like to know how well Uwe Boll's shit-tacular Dungeon Siege flick "In the Name of the King" did? I bet you do. It did terribly. Despite costing an estimated $US 60 million to produce, and opening on 1600 screens, between January 11-13 it took in only $US 3.3 million. Or, around $US 2000 per screen. Which is bad enough, but lets break it down some more. Assuming average ticket price was $US 8 and the average # daily screenings over the period was 4, that's a measly is $US 166 per session. Or 20 people. Ouch. Commence flinging your stinging barbs, but know that, even after this, Herr Boll's skin is probably too thick to puncture. We're expecting ones focused on blood may go down well. That or boobs.
Dungeon Siege movie in box office basement [GameSpot]


    On Rotten Tomatos there is one good review. It was amazing to read. Truly this man has whored himself out. How much to Boll pay this man?

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