Early DBZ Movie Images

dbzmex2.jpg Worried about that Dragon Ball Z movie? You, and the rest of humanity. Even if Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat has joined the cast, we're still skeptical. These onset Dragonball set images from Mexico City don't really help. That's Justin Chatwick (Tom Cruise's kid from War of the Worlds) as Goku. He's about to be hit by a car or something. Dunno, really. Does it ever matter at this point?

There's a closer shot after the jump.

Exclusive Pics [HoyCinema, Thanks Pedro!]


    Ugh... Live action? /vomit

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Prepare for fail, epic fail.

    es una pena que quieran hacerme esto ami, que traten de imitarme...miren la imagen!! ese no soy yo!...this guy in the picture is not goku, is not me!! poor movie, its suck!!! look that hair!! is not like goku hair, that is a shiet!!

    OMG!!!!! please tell me this is a lie!!!!
    WTF r they doing??? a white boi for GOKU????
    San-Goku??? the one character that everyone loves??. Wat the hell r they thinking!!!!!
    OMFG!!!if they jack this epic up, im gonna kill every single one of um.

    he looks like a girl
    im pritty sure a water bottle would have made a better goku

    Hahahah a water bottle, your stupid. Any ways, look people, they have like 9 anime movies its all good, plus think about it that guy is going to play a sick goku, dont get mad at the hair thats exactly what it is. This movie is going to be badass, don't kill them thank them, even if it does suck its going to kick ass.

    this movie is going to be like a fucked up superman movie trust me oh an ohh joanne

    i dont care about a live action movie,they should spend the cash to release "the plan to destroy the saiyans" in english,and any other moives/episodes they aint got to yet

    bounch of assholes he isnt goku he is gohan going to school

    He aint even built he seems to skinny to be goku and he looks like a faggot.

    geez now everyone's REALLY gonna make fun of me for liking DBZ....crap.

    He would definitly make a better Gohan or even Yamcha, but not Goku. Thats just a bad move.

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