EA's Marvel Fighting Game Canned

death_of_captain_marvel.jpgNow that EA Chicago has closed its doors and former general manager of the studio, Kudo Tsunoda, has moved on to Microsoft, what will become of the destruction-filled Marvel fighting game the team had planned? Nothing, according to GameTap, as the parties involved have "jointly agreed to discontinue development of the Marvel titles under the EA Games Label." That means that the ill-conceived Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects will be the only game to shoulder the burden of the EA-Marvel crossover deal.

Shown only in trailer form, the EA Chicago fighter looked to bring Marvel mainstays Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Captain America and the Hulk together for a next-gen fisticuffs-fest that saw the characters battling amid crowds of bystanders, toppling buildings and generally wreaking havoc. Marvel's other multi-character title, Marvel Universe Online, has also been the subject of cancellation talks. Maybe Marvel should just stick to movies.

Electronic Arts, Marvel Dissolve Game Deal [GameTap]


    It would be nice to see Captain Marvel, the real Mar-Vell Captain Marvel, not only brought back the right way in comics, but in a new game, and many games to come as well. Arguably the most underrated character of all time regardless of company, the character is often being remembered for establishing death in comics rather than just how interesting and unique the character really is, last year's revival after 28 years for a mini-series sold top 50 by word of mouth only.

    I think the initial intent of killing the character has been accomplished, every body loves a Rocky-esque passionate comeback story once in a while (but only if it's written right, therein lies the trick), even if they won't admit it, this character is an ideal vehicle for what could be the most inspiring and important comic story of THIS generation, as long people use their imagination, and stop worrying about what other people say, this could be possible.

    There is a fanbase for Mar-Vell, that is fact.

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