Emailing Bill Gates Results in New Xbox 360

Emailing Bill Gates Results in New Xbox 360
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470_gates4_copy%2C0.jpg What sucks worse than getting the Red Ring of Death? Getting the console fixed. Sure, there are some success stories regarding Xbox customer support. But there are some real headaches as well. Over at The Consumerist, tipster Jon took matters into his own hands. When his launch Xbox 360 crapped out, he emailed Bill Gates and customer service VP Kathleen Hogan. Within 24 hours, he got a reply from the escalation department saying that a new console was on its way. Jon tells The Consumerist:

I was one of the first to get an Xbox 360 when they came out, paying way more than I should have. I had problems with the console right out of the box and after weeks of haggling with their normal customer service department, I was contacted by their escalation department. Within a week, my problems were solved and they sent me a bunch of free stuff (games & controllers). Fast forward two years, and I’m having the same problem. I emailed both Bill Gates and Kathleen Hogan (Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Customer Service, Support and Customer and Partner Experience) yesterday…

I was contacted within twenty-four hours from the escalation department and a new console is on its way.

In doing a little bit of research, I figured out the email addresses for both and am providing them for your loyal readers. The link I am including will also provide the entire corporate teams names and titles.
Microsoft Executives and Images

That’s nice and all. Though, we totally would’ve emailed someone else. Because when we want shit done, we want it done eXtreme.
Emailing Bill Gates [The Consumerist via M&C via Dtoid][Pic]


  • I hope no one abuses this. And I think web-crawlers are probably smart enough by now to look for the world AT in a sentence where it is not enclosed by spaces on either side, replaced it as an @ and then steal the web address.. Oh well, I guess Bill G would always use some Viagra, Dramadol, or whatever spam crap they send these days.

  • More likely Bill never got the email and it was Kathleen that forwarded it on to the escalation department.

    billg◙micro would have to be one of the most spammed/attacked email address’s on the planet.

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