Enhanced Crysis Rumoured For PlayStation 3

Enhanced Crysis Rumoured For PlayStation 3
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crysis_ps3_rumor.jpgRumors that Crysis will be coming to consoles just won’t stop, which is probably a good thing for developer Crytek. Good to know that people want to play your game, especially the folks who consider a $US 900 PC too rich for their blood and are hungry for content. The folks dredging up the PlayStation 3 Crysis port this time are PlayStation World UK, by way of GamesRadar.

We know that the company was on the hunt for a PS3 know-it-all in the Spring of last year, but the Crytek folks have been mum since. They probably didn’t want any thunder stolen from the PC version, we’re guessing.

PlayStation World now says that they’re hearing the PS3 version of the very pretty shooter will come packed with extras, dubbing it Crysis 1.5. But what about that rumoured Xbox 360 version, listed by certain retailers? The mag puts a damper on that possibility, claiming “technical reasons.” Oh really? We’re staying out of that one.

Consider it rumour, but given that Crytek hasn’t exactly denied such a thing exists, even saying it’s “possible”, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll announce something soon.

Crysis: No need to panic… if you own a PS3 [GamesRadar]


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