ESA Hop On The Campaign Trail

esa.jpgIt's election season in the US, which means across the country, promises are already being made, power-brokers assured and re-assured, palms applied with healthy doses of grease. And the ESA - your ESA - aren't missing out on the action. They've formed a political action committee, which should be up and running by March, with the aim of donating between $US 50,000 and $US 100,000 towards anyone running for a national office. The ESA's Michael D. Gallagher, who also plans to mobilise the Video Game Voters Network, is excited:

If I can walk into the office of a member of Congress and tell them we have 20,000 voters in their state who are already signed up to write letters and act based on game-related issues that concern them, that's powerful.

That kind of money won't buy much, especially when other entertainment industries donate millions, but it's the thought that counts!
Video Game Industry Seeks Political Clout [NY Times]


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